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Let's Get Beautiful with Beauty Keeper

Hi ladies~
It's time to share some of my favourite Beauty Keeper's products with you after trying them for almost a month!
Here are some of my favourite beauty products from Beauty Keeper! These are actually becoming staple products in my daily makeup routine for its natural and lasting effects. Let's go through each product ;) Rosy Pink Moisture Dew An innovative product that can be used in more than one area on your body! It is interesting to know that this tiny bottle of liquid is suitable to be used not just on the lips but also on areola and bikini line! Of course, I wouldn't recommend using the same bottle on all 3 parts of your body, so it's best to get a bottle for each area of concern.  This helps to moisturise the area it's applied on and gives it a natural pinkish tone that can differ from person to person depending on each person's body temperature. Here's a swatch of it! The cool tone pink is suitable to be used on its own when applying on l…
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Sample Store - Beauty Show (ft. Beauty Keeper)

Remember the beauty show I mentioned in my previous post? Here's a short overview of what went on for those who didn't manage to make it. I will also feature some of the products, benefits and tips that I learnt from the show!
Before the show started, we had a chance to try out a simple meat platter from Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria, which consisted of a mixture of greens and various types of meat. It was tasty dish with succulent meat, fresh greens and pineapple. I almost grabbed a second helping for this!

The Beauty Show was organised by Sample Store featuring numerous brands under Beauty Keeper and hosted by Hossan Leong. He was a great host who can sing pretty well too; he started off the show with a short chorus and I initially thought that one of the Sing! China contestants was about to start the show.
Managed to get a shot that seems like he's looking straight into my camera?
He was entertaining and kept the audience engaged while the preparations or short inte…

Sample Store - Shoppers’ Paradise @ Waterway Point

Sample Store held an event last weekend over at Waterway Point. One of their yearly affairs to connect us, consumers, to various brands and the best time to stock up on the products! I was glad to be invited to the event and given a chance to learn more about Beauty Keeper and their mission held privately in Waterway Point's newest party room.
Before I go in-depth on Beauty Keeper, let's take some time to admire the latest addition to Waterway Point: Party Room. A place that is great for baby showers or a family gathering with its cheery and bright interior that complements their garden playground that's on the same floor. It may be a little difficult to locate if it's your first time there, just look out for Gelare and it's right next to it.
For more details about prices and booking, please visit here or click on the image below. (Picture credit to
Back to Beauty Keeper, it may sound foreign to some of you but it is an up and coming bea…

Review: Guerlain Meteorites Collection

Shimmery balls of colour packed in an intricate tin box. That's what comes to my mind when I see Guerlain's Meteorites Illuminating Powder Pearls. I remember there was a period where these kept appearing on my news feed. They are so pretty and despite being totally clueless about makeup back then, I knew I should add them to my collection!
Thanks to Guerlain & Sephora SG, I got the chance to add the lovely products from Guerlain to my ever growing makeup collection! I selected 2 of Guerlain's products and one of them is the powder pearls. You can't imagine how excited I was when I saw them. These are so popular that all of the shades I wanted were out of stock. Even though I was a little hesitant about the darkest shade, I didn't want to give up on the chance of owning this so I went with 04 Dore, the darkest shade of the lot. I'm planning to use this as a blusher or shading powder, read on to find out how it fared!

Guerlain Meteorites Collection comes in t…

Sample Store - Giftopia @ Raffles City

Last weekend, Sample Store successfully organised a wonderful event, Giftopia, at Raffles City. For those who are wondering what is Giftopia about, it is a movement to encourage and embrace the spirit of giving. A way of helping people to reconnect with their loved ones and spread the love to everyone around you.
The event was on a much bigger scale that I expected and it was certainly an event great for friends and family to gather, shop and catch up with one another.
Bumped into Yvonne on my way there so we decided to browse the booths together :)
It was a last minute decision to attend so I went there on my own but I managed to see many familiar faces there and it was a good opportunity to catch up with some of them. Thanks Yvonne for accompanying me that day too!

Here are some of the brands that I like:
Que Origin, a brand that redefines, rediscover and reconnect with nature. Their range of products from shower gel to scrub only uses natural ingredients such as essential oils, aloe…